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The power of earth energies is right outside your front door!

Connect and ReBoot

My life’s work is to help as many families as possible to get in touch with natural healing
from within. I want you to know and trust that your body has the ability
to know when it is injured or damaged. This is good news. It means you are not
to be anxious or afraid should you get sick or hurt because your body can regenerate
cells and tissues to reestablish equilibrium.

It’s a matter of how we “attend.” Attention is how our world comes into being. So paying
attention to the warning signs from our body, mind and spirit is key to survival and inner
balance. And when we set up the proper conditions, such as deep rest, nourishing
foods, fresh air and sunshine, our body regains strength to adapt, grow and heal.
I’d like to share with you optimal ways of tuning into your body/mind/spirit and know the
ways of wisdom on all three levels. My reputation helping people do this started with my
work supporting terminally ill children and now I help folks like you who are having
challenges with anxieties of all kinds.

For over twenty years of deep study and experience, I’ve been developing ways to help
young people feel better, more confident, focused and happy. This process of helping
others led me to help myself increase my knowledge about a wide variety of healing
methods from cultures around the world.

Who you are matters. How you feel about yourself matters. And my life work has shown
that those of you who really put an effort into understanding yourself more
deeply, can bring about profound improvements in your health and mental health.
As we evolve our consciousness and shift into a new world, the knowledge of self,
nature of mind and power of inner energies are the keys to humans flourishing.
Now, let’s go out side and plant those seeds of change in our own backyard or
on the window sill!

Time To Wake Up!


Well it’s Springtime, the season of new beginnings, more light, more energy! You are light;
your cells generate energy from light. So imagine you are the sun and imagine you have all the
power of the Creator within you. Wake up to this thought: I am a powerful positive person.
The master teachers say: Consciousness beckons wisdom. Wisdom beckons new possibilities.
Call upon yourself, your true self to bring heaven to earth and to touch into the deepest desires
of your heart.

You have all the power of divine love and intelligence available to you. This is a time when you
can communicate with your higher self and discover the potentials which are the treasures
within yourself. And these gifts you have can be more easily accessed and radiate
out into the world in wonderful ways.

As this new season arrives, let the light remind you to leverage your own power. Allow
yourself to shine like the sun with a radiant love so bright, so energetic that it vibrates your
aliveness to everyone around you.

Say to yourself: I am glorious, splendid, beloved, strong, well, capable.
I am born to hum at the frequency of love and light.
I am awake.
And so it is.

Heart-Brain Coherence
Love Yourself: Body, Mind and Spirit

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Now, more than ever, is the time to discover your inner-balance. There is a place in you that
cannot be disturbed, even though you may go through your day out of touch with this calmness,
it is always there. It is always available.

How do you find inner balance? You must realize your thinking brain and your feeling heart
are communicating with each other. And when the connection is calm through deep breathing
you create heart-brain coherence. Different emotional states affect our physical state. Anxiety
and worry thoughts causes the muscles in your body to tense, raises your blood pressure, heart
rate and respiration. Your thinking mind can either help you to learn or be in a state of
stress which interferes with cognition and learning. When you are nervous or sad, your spirit-
the energy of love within you cannot flow as it is meant.

Learn to love yourself, body, mind and spirit. Understand the communication between your heart
and your brain is like a two-way radio. And when you can broadcast the love that you are
the love for your self and send that message to your brain through deep, healing breaths, you
cultivate heart-brain coherence.

And because the electromagnetic field of the heart reaches three feet or more around your
body, what you are thinking and feeling is picked up and felt by those close to you. So
start choosing peaceful thoughts and you’ll feel peaceful. Make the intention to send out
emotions of love, gratitude and peace.

These techniques increase heart-brain coherence:
Deep Breathing
Guided Imagery Relaxation & Music


Currently, many of us have been inadvertently filling our minds and hearts with the subtle energy of fear in all its forms- anxiety, pain, insecurity, anger, violence and the result is that we experience inner restlessness, unhappiness and become critical of ourselves and others.

The remedy is simple yet requires discipline and practice. A discipline to reverse the insanity of racing around like a nut to slowing down and resting in the moment! The true moment is the moment you connect with your awareness. The entry point: is your awareness prompted by saying to yourself:

 “I am aware. I am peace. I send out peace.” The practice is your commitment to making the discipline a part of your everyday life. You do this so you can access dropping into the present moment when you need it most. Otherwise it remains illusive and inaccessible.

Slowing down seems so counter to the definition of success. Yet, “if in fact, the highest, most creative work is the work of consciousness, then in slowing down, Marianne Williamson, a thought leader, says, “we are not doing less, we are doing more…we are shifting from outer to inner.”

Rather than seeking approval or acceptance from our culture and peer pressure to determine who we are; we find our way though awareness. When we go within, in this way, we connect fully to our peaceful self. This is how we cultivate emotional maturity instead of blaming, worrying, judging and feeling frantic.

The key to establishing control is to spend a part of each day completely alone and enter the silence. Use the time to review your feelings and concerns; cultivate an attitude of non-attachment. You can accomplish this by the practice of paying attention to your thinking mind. This state of awareness is a way of being alert, yet you stay grounded. Holding this moment and this one, too. Slowing down everything from clock-time to your heart-beat time.

When you slow down to realize that the inner you is not your thinking mind. The inner you is the observer of your thoughts. You are actually learning how to watch your thoughts and feelings as they arise without getting caught in them.

Once you stop living in your thinking mind and start trusting the inner you, the peaceful you is a major turning point. The entry point is awareness. Close your eyes and say “I am aware.” Stay there. Use your determination, your intention to turn away from the day and bring your attention inward to your breathing. And breathe fully, slowing, naturally. When you do, you’ll notice that your peaceful self is always there even though you may go through much of your day out of touch with this inner peace. From your quiet mind, your intuition comes forward, your creativity comes forward.

Only through this entry point of awareness can you become ready. And when you are ready, you can take advantage of situations as they arise …Because you’ve trained yourself to concentrate, focus and be aware. Perseverance allows you to hold on while the universe delivers the opportunity for a miracle.


The Practice of Awareness Exercise:

Now, reread this article. Notice your reaction to this suggestion to reread this article slower than you did before, half the speed as before. Any thoughts come up, like “ I don’t have time”— “I have so much to do.” How can you be aware of your self when you are constantly future oriented- “I need to go here, I need to go there”… Slow yourself down enough that you still your mind. Slow down so that you have accessibility to the entry point of awareness. Discipline yourself to come into the present. Remember, the thinking mind always wants to keeps you busy, out there, far from your treasure within —inner peace.

Light the light of LOVE

Want to be happy? Just give your love away- as much as you can-as often as you can- when and wherever you can. And love will come back to you!


Thanksgiving for every meal because it’s a sacred interconnected event!

Let’s come together in praise and thanksgiving daily. Let’s demonstrate our appreciation for all there is, for all we are, connected to the web of life and each other.

When we do, we help our children acknowledge the realms of nature and spirit. In this way, they begin to recognize that in the daily breaking of bread, every meal we eat is a sacred interconnected event.

We are connected to the cycles of the moon, to the rain and shine, the root of the root, the farmer, the plants and the entire Universe in a mouthful!

This is what we honor and bless with all our hearts- right here, right now.

DreamVision7 Radio: Deborah Beauvais Interviews Dr. Roxie 

DreamVision7 Radio: Deborah Beauvais Interviews Dr. Roxie & Patient, Christine Berl Howland, a walking medical miracle who illustrates the potential within each of us to awaken our inner energies using the powerful mind/body healing of the MindWorks for Children series: Guided imagery Relaxation Journeys

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Discover amazingly simple but effective “power points” in your day that will bring

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About Dr. Roxie’s Guest:  Christine Berl Howland was just 13 years old when she came to Boston Children’s Hospital where she first met Dr. Roxie, the Expressive Arts Therapist for the bone marrow transplant patients.

Chris knew she faced a serious challenge, “when I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and given 3 to 6 months to live, I immediately told to myself, ‘ I cannot die,’ I never saw myself dying. I always believed I would survive. Chris is here to share her journey; she is a walking medical miracle and illustrates the potential within each of us to awaken our inner energies using mind/body techniques, such a guided imagery and to intentionally access our inner-self, the greatest source of healing.

Today, Chris is a mother of three, Helen 18, Lilia 17, and Hugh 15. Over the years, Dr. Roxie offered guidance to Chris and her children. Currently, Chris works as an Educational Consultant in Upstate New York. She is a graduate of Boston College.

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The ABC’s of Educating Your Child’s Inner-Self: The Greatest Source of Healing


Anxiety Relief for Kids
By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Many parents and teachers have been asking me about the best methods for anxiety relief. There are many effective ways to manage our emotions but I tell you, the most valuable way is to “open your child’s mind to the power within” which is always available for stress relief but must be cultivated. And it is the adult who is responsible for teaching inner balance.

It is not enough to tell our child to go to his room to “calm down,” especially when he says “it’s boring, Mom!” Boredom is a lack of attention and it’s up to us, the adult, to show, don’t tell
by modeling calming ourselves first.

Here are the ABC’s of educating your child’s inner-self: their greatest source of healing.

A -stands for attention. The act of readying the mind is step one. And this condition of readiness can only be achieved with practice by directing the mind to pay attention. How do you teach your child how to listen, see and notice in order learn and understand?
Start by going outdoors. Take paper, colored pencils, water colors or crayons. Ask three questions: “What do you see? Draw it! What do you hear? Bird songs, crickets, rustling leaves, mountain streams, what else? Write a word or phrase to describe it.
What do you feel? Express it! Use your body and facial expressions.” Look for the tiny objects in the natural world- could you find a sooth stone, an acorn or pine cone, a feather, a flower? You model the process for your child and your child will follow your lead.

B -stands for breath. Bring your attention to this moment and to this one…breathe a long, deep breath. Hold that smooth stone in your hand. Let the stone be a reminder of smoothing out the jitters inside you, right now. Notice the beauty all around us. Feel the energy all around you and within you. There is a place within you that is peaceful and cannot be disturbed. Now, reach out and touch the trunk of this mighty oak tree. Breathe the life force energy from the tree to you. Now send energy to the tree with all your heart, say “I love you, thank you for reminding me how to stand still.” Become aware of this energy that goes two ways- like a radio receiver. Breath in- take in the energy of this strong oak tree; imagine the tree giving you energy and now when you breathe out, you can imagine sending out energy to the tree. It’s a rhythm of breathing in and out, a rhythm of receiving and giving.

C– stands for calm. Calm yourself consciously, deliberately. Say to yourself, “I am
the peace of the quiet, forest air” “I am the strength of the mighty oak tree.” “ I am the limitless
possibility of the open blue sky.” Use every word you speak to picture the way you want to be.
You are a powerful, energy being, never forget that! Stand tall and proud. There is a divine spark within you that connects you to the sacred. It is your inner-most self, the greatest source of healing. You have what you need to find your peace and be calm.


1. Stand tall as the mighty oak tree. Imagine your roots go down into the earth and your branches are reaching upward to the sun and sky.
2. You can do this meditation by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and sending that breath to your feet. Now lift your toes then place them firmly down. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Smell the sweet, soft ground.
3. Now, stretch your arms, reaching up to the sky. Breathe. You can imagine drawing energy from your feet just as the tree draws energy from its roots and sends this energy all the way up its trunk to the tree top. Now, lower your arms and stand tall as a mighty oak tree.
4. Breath in and out slowly, feel the energy flow. You are powerful. Take another breath and go deeper and deeper, totally relaxed. Day by day and in every way you are growing better and better, calmer and calmer.

“The Hat Trick”

Alleviate Anxiety and Activate the Healing Power Within

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Allow me to offer you an easy technique for fast relief. Using dramatic play, with little or no prompting, the child places himself into the world of story; it can lasts for a few minutes, hours or even days and all that is needed is a hat!

The child is immediately transported. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this shape-shifting “hat trick!” Wise, world cultures have been using it seriously for centuries.

Consider when the Native American Chief places his stunning head dress of valuable eagle feathers, he believes he possesses the powers of that sacred eagle and in doing so connects with the Great Spirit.

Can you self-possess your powers within to access your divine spirit?

In drama class, we make our costumes first to access the inner life or suppose we refer to it as the inner spirit. In many world traditions, the making of a garment can give you protection, such as the Emperor’s robe or King’s crown which is meant to transform the wearer from common place into Royalty, from ordinary into supernatural.

Activate your healing power within.


Jeffery Milbourn’s OMNI ART SALON: * The Child’s Mind Working * – Part 2

Jeffrey’s terrific conversation with Dr. Roxanne Daleo, Harvard University Health Services educator and founder of MindWorks for Children.

Trained in relaxation and stress reduction techniques at the Harvard Medical School, and the use of symbols for healing from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Daleo has worked as clinician, instructor and consultant in a wide variety of business and health care settings, and has extensive experience working with children, adults and professionals for patient education, stress management, health promotion and creative art and play therapy programs for the chronic and terminally ill.

MindWorks for Children is a special resource for parents, children, teachers and caregivers to help children and families better cope with normal social and academic pressures children face in school, tests and sports competition, as well as, experiences with nightmares, sickness, hospitalizations, family changes and loss. It also can help parents and professionals reduce worries and fears in children by teaching how to strengthen children’s ability to handle life’s challenges in school, play, and relationships through guided relaxation and meditations designed for stress reduction and how to help themselves feel better, reduce pain and calm down.