“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” -Rainer Maria Rilke-

Here in New England, when Springtime comes after the long, cold winter, it’s
magnificence and magic cannot be denied. Perhaps, it is because the change of
seasons are truly dramatic in this part of our country but I like to think that it is Mother
Nature awakening our senses to her cyclical beauty so that we may remember her
ever-giving life in all forms and our deep connection to all that is.

Let’s celebrate Earth Day with these four simple daily rituals which honor the earth and
reinvigorate our health and the health of the planet:

1. Walk barefoot everyday. Known as, earthing, this practice connects us to the
Earth’s electrical energy providing a boost to our energy and a reduction in inflammation
in our bodies. “Earthing is a scientific phenomenon for healing our bodies by doing one
of the simplest things a human can do… standing barefoot on the Earth.”

2. Walk and breathe through the quiet forest. Known, as Shinrin-Yoku, this practice of
forest bathing, which originated in Japan, results in lowering your stress hormones and
improving your respiratory and immune systems. Immerse all your senses in the forest-
not only what you see but pay attention to the smells, sounds, tastes and touch. Did you
know that pine needle tea is good medicine? Try it!

3. Hug a tree or lean up against it. You can close your eyes and imagine as the tree is
taking up nutrients from its roots all the way to the very top branches and leaves.You
are getting this tremendous energy current through your body for rejuvenation by
connecting to the tree in this way.

4. Think eco-mindfully everyday. Choose a few ways of taking action to reduce your
carbon footprint. Recycle plastics and bottles, pick up trash on your path, compost
kitchen food waste. Every small effort makes a big difference.