Reduce Stress With the Daily Ritual of Passaggiata

Reduce Stress With the Daily Ritual of Passaggiata

The Italians have a tradition you can borrow but will you slow down to enjoy
the pace of a leisurely stroll called, passaggiata?

Passaggiata, even the language of the word itself slows us for the time-
honored ritual embraced by families in Italy. This walk does not require
wearing a pedometer or spandex- it’s not a jog; it’s a kind of a deliberate
meandering usually in the early evening.

When we release our inner urgency of “not enough time” or “too much to
do”, we can begin to de-clutter our thoughts. You are now deliberating
deciding what to focus on.

Take a deep breath. Become aware of your mind chatter. If you want to
calm yourself, bring your attention to the sun or the sky. You can shift your
frequency by shifting your focus. Frequency is energy, it can be felt. And
like a radio it broadcasts and it receives. Whatever you are thinking about
is translated into a feeling and then broadcast into the energy field around
you. Your children can pick up your vibes.

Let’s look to nature and observe the essence of passagiata. When I lived in
the seashore town of Rockport on Cape Ann, there was a public beach on
Front Street where you could sit, relax and watch seagulls bobbing on the
water all in a row. My friend Gregory, who spent years in Italy would say to
me, “they are enjoying passagiata” and we’d laugh!

For most modern families, the only time we may take a walk purely for
pleasure is perhaps, when we beach comb a beautiful shoreline.
Nevertheless, I have adapted the pace of passeggiata to reduce stress
and invite you to try it.

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