Peace Begins With Me!

Use art and storytelling to open a conversation with your kids.
Children have creative minds but it is up to us the adults to inspire
new ways of thinking. Stories we tell and live by are totally tied to our individual and collective consciousness–tell your child the unitive narrative,
our identity is wrapped up in everything we do from the part to the whole.
Pass it on!
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Anja Rozen, 13 yr. old student from Slovenia, winner of the Peace Art Poster explains her artwork and intention:
“My drawing symbolizes the land that binds us and unites us.
We are all connected to one another and the planet. 
People are holding onto each other. If one lets go the rest of them would fall.
When people look at my poster I want them to think how much we are connected to people we might not even know. We are all members of the earth community and we need each other to survive. In addition, I want you to realize we need to respect the earth more and take better care of our planet. I believe only when there’s peace can nations and the whole world achieve political and economic stability as well as cultural growth. Thank you.”