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Thanksgiving Storytelling Family Tradition

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo


“ …and that’s true love!” said my grandpa…
his voice made my mind conjure up the entire scene: I see it as if it were real, mom serving
dessert after a big Italian-American feast for Thanksgiving Day, always prepared with love by
my parents in what I believed to be our beautiful New Jersey home. But the fact is, it was only my grandfather’s voice coming from an audio cassette player. A tape I nearly tossed in the trash moments before to clear the clutter from my garage. So glad I have this priceless treasure today.

Through “imaging” you mentally “see.” Your brain takes the audio input of a voice and provides
you a “mental picture”. In this case, it pulled out a memory of the past and my brain served up a scene so vivid you relive it as if it were happening in the present. My grandfather’s philosophy
about true love were his words of wisdom I will treasure forever.

Your brain can also take an idea or visualization to create a future-self. Your brain can be directed using mental imagery which is really a kind of storytelling.

When you add the auditory aspect, such as a voice, you add a person’s energy because your voice is the blueprint of your soul. Listening to the sound of your own voice is a powerful way
to imprint and direct your subconscious mind to connect sound and image.

Add the background music and the brain automatically enhances the imagery experience as if it were real. The mind makes no distinction between real and imagined information; this is why using guided imagery narrations for relaxation are a powerful form of mind/body medicine.
Scientists are learning how we manipulate and examine pictures of the mind and develop
internal states of awareness, resilience and balance.

Many world cultures have been using the power of mental imagery in the form of storytelling.
Let’s look at the Native American culture specifically, they have been using the art of telling stories passed down from one generation to the next as their primary form of wisdom communication. Traditionally, Native Americans transmit by story their mythology, spiritual and historical understandings of themselves and the world in which they live to their children.
Storytelling creates the mental imagery in the minds and hearts of the young, that which elders did not want forgotten. In this way, the elders ensured young would not lose sight of their roots,
important knowledge that would allow them to live in harmony and cooperation with the natural world.

So this Thanksgiving why not try to capture more voices of the elders in your tribe, the seniors in your family. Allow them to pass on their words of wisdom to the children as part of the formal celebration for which we are giving thanks and deep appreciation. In this way, you can be sure
your children and their children have your family’s important knowledge through the beautiful storytelling tradition.

7 Keys to Cultivate Storytelling Family Tradition

1.Give your children and their children a beautiful way to honor their elders by asking
questions about their roots, heritage, country of origin and the ways of their people.

2.Use a recording device to capture and remember forever, the voices of the senior family
members and their words of wisdom.

3.Make the bedtime ritual include recounting meaningful memories you made this Thanksgiving

4.Create a work of art. Draw, paint, sing a song or dance your newly realized wisdom tradition.

5. Each year collect keepsake photos, images and quotes in a box or a book.

6.Ask your child to express the kind of person they want to become; share the vision of a world they want to see and live in.

7.Have your child record their own voice to express their visions. Speak about appreciation, love and peace. Play this recording before sleep so the subconscious mind can bring good thoughts to every cell in your child’s body.

8.Mark your life with joy, gratitude and love in tangible ways this holiday season.

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Peace Begins With Me!

Use art and storytelling to open a conversation with your kids.
Children have creative minds but it is up to us the adults to inspire
new ways of thinking. Stories we tell and live by are totally tied to our individual and collective consciousness–tell your child the unitive narrative,
our identity is wrapped up in everything we do from the part to the whole.
Pass it on!
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Anja Rozen, 13 yr. old student from Slovenia, winner of the Peace Art Poster explains her artwork and intention:
“My drawing symbolizes the land that binds us and unites us.
We are all connected to one another and the planet. 
People are holding onto each other. If one lets go the rest of them would fall.
When people look at my poster I want them to think how much we are connected to people we might not even know. We are all members of the earth community and we need each other to survive. In addition, I want you to realize we need to respect the earth more and take better care of our planet. I believe only when there’s peace can nations and the whole world achieve political and economic stability as well as cultural growth. Thank you.”

Unlock the Healing Potential in Your Body

“Like a bend in the road ahead
Trust your path is a golden thread.”

Imagine a golden thread connecting you to what’s ahead with a feeling of curiosity! The
unknown and unseen does not have to be scary. Let’s teach our children and remind ourselves
we can stay with the discomfort for a moment instead of pushing it away.

Good mental health does not mean being happy all the time. Health: emotionally and mentally
means you can experience distress and depression without getting lost and having the emotions
get in the way of functioning well. The experience of unwanted emotions is a normal and natural
part of life.

When we make room for the unexpected and keep walking forward one step at a time, even
though we cannot see beyond the bend in the road, we teach ourselves that feelings are just
information. By accessing the information, we are better able to manage our emotions rather
than having emotions debilitate us.

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Reduce Stress With the Daily Ritual of Passaggiata

Reduce Stress With the Daily Ritual of Passaggiata

The Italians have a tradition you can borrow but will you slow down to enjoy
the pace of a leisurely stroll called, passaggiata?

Passaggiata, even the language of the word itself slows us for the time-
honored ritual embraced by families in Italy. This walk does not require
wearing a pedometer or spandex- it’s not a jog; it’s a kind of a deliberate
meandering usually in the early evening.

When we release our inner urgency of “not enough time” or “too much to
do”, we can begin to de-clutter our thoughts. You are now deliberating
deciding what to focus on.

Take a deep breath. Become aware of your mind chatter. If you want to
calm yourself, bring your attention to the sun or the sky. You can shift your
frequency by shifting your focus. Frequency is energy, it can be felt. And
like a radio it broadcasts and it receives. Whatever you are thinking about
is translated into a feeling and then broadcast into the energy field around
you. Your children can pick up your vibes.

Let’s look to nature and observe the essence of passagiata. When I lived in
the seashore town of Rockport on Cape Ann, there was a public beach on
Front Street where you could sit, relax and watch seagulls bobbing on the
water all in a row. My friend Gregory, who spent years in Italy would say to
me, “they are enjoying passagiata” and we’d laugh!

For most modern families, the only time we may take a walk purely for
pleasure is perhaps, when we beach comb a beautiful shoreline.
Nevertheless, I have adapted the pace of passeggiata to reduce stress
and invite you to try it.

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5-G Is Bad News: We Are Being Radiated And it’s Making Our Kids Crazy!

In this era of fast-o, whiz-bang, I want in, immediate gratification; how do we help our
youth help themselves tune-in, slow down and know themselves?

We are energy beings . Our energy is charged by light. The sun has a solar code that
activates your body’s cells. This light therapy called photobiomodulation is essential for
good health. Your cells need light to regenerate.

When you use 5-G mobile devices, you drain your body of natural energy, deplete your
immune system, increase inflammation and pain. Not to mention the distractibility factor
which is causing our kids to go crazy! Crazy, unruly behaviors and emotions.

We must get back to humanizing childhood. Take back the afternoon to just be carefree.
lighthearted, content… Idyll in the woods, swing in a hammock, unplug. Unless we
increase our children’s tolerance for stillness, their lives will only become a ball of stress
without relief.

Kids ask me for help to manage their stress which comes in many symptoms:
migraines, stomach aches, muscle soreness, irritability, angry outbursts and more.

Yet, it is our human impatience to think that whatever we can do to heal ourselves must
happen instantly is a mistake. The body doesn’t work that way. We need to “adopt the
pace of nature: her secret is patience” says Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I know of way you can use your body’s own energy to activate healing and repair.
It’s a simple as putting on a bandaid. It’s non-invasive, non-drug, and a no brainer.
When your body is stimulated with low level light and wave lengths of light, muscles can
improve giving you more energy which leads to better performance and peace of mind.

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By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

In honor of Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) Heritage
Month, I offer the value of a closer look at another’s cultural custom which can level-up
our daily lives in unexpected, positive ways.

I recently learned that the traditional Hawaiian greeting, aloha, means more than hello.
It reflects a way of life and an attitude of well-being by natives for thousands of years.
Originally, it was reserved for greeting loved ones by rubbing noses and the inhaling
each other’s breath. The word aloha translates as alo meaning in the presence of, and
ha meaning breath of life. In short, to live with the spirit of aloha is to live with an inner
knowledge to be loving and genuine in all interactions with all relations- people, animals,
and nature because all of life is connected.

Think of this next time you say, hello. Silently acknowledge, the breath of life in me and
the breath of life in you is the same breath shared by all living things. Aloha!

The power of earth energies is right outside your front door!

Connect and ReBoot

My life’s work is to help as many families as possible to get in touch with natural healing
from within. I want you to know and trust that your body has the ability
to know when it is injured or damaged. This is good news. It means you are not
to be anxious or afraid should you get sick or hurt because your body can regenerate
cells and tissues to reestablish equilibrium.

It’s a matter of how we “attend.” Attention is how our world comes into being. So paying
attention to the warning signs from our body, mind and spirit is key to survival and inner
balance. And when we set up the proper conditions, such as deep rest, nourishing
foods, fresh air and sunshine, our body regains strength to adapt, grow and heal.
I’d like to share with you optimal ways of tuning into your body/mind/spirit and know the
ways of wisdom on all three levels. My reputation helping people do this started with my
work supporting terminally ill children and now I help folks like you who are having
challenges with anxieties of all kinds.

For over twenty years of deep study and experience, I’ve been developing ways to help
young people feel better, more confident, focused and happy. This process of helping
others led me to help myself increase my knowledge about a wide variety of healing
methods from cultures around the world.

Who you are matters. How you feel about yourself matters. And my life work has shown
that those of you who really put an effort into understanding yourself more
deeply, can bring about profound improvements in your health and mental health.
As we evolve our consciousness and shift into a new world, the knowledge of self,
nature of mind and power of inner energies are the keys to humans flourishing.
Now, let’s go out side and plant those seeds of change in our own backyard or
on the window sill!

Time To Wake Up!


Well it’s Springtime, the season of new beginnings, more light, more energy! You are light;
your cells generate energy from light. So imagine you are the sun and imagine you have all the
power of the Creator within you. Wake up to this thought: I am a powerful positive person.
The master teachers say: Consciousness beckons wisdom. Wisdom beckons new possibilities.
Call upon yourself, your true self to bring heaven to earth and to touch into the deepest desires
of your heart.

You have all the power of divine love and intelligence available to you. This is a time when you
can communicate with your higher self and discover the potentials which are the treasures
within yourself. And these gifts you have can be more easily accessed and radiate
out into the world in wonderful ways.

As this new season arrives, let the light remind you to leverage your own power. Allow
yourself to shine like the sun with a radiant love so bright, so energetic that it vibrates your
aliveness to everyone around you.

Say to yourself: I am glorious, splendid, beloved, strong, well, capable.
I am born to hum at the frequency of love and light.
I am awake.
And so it is.

Heart-Brain Coherence
Love Yourself: Body, Mind and Spirit

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Now, more than ever, is the time to discover your inner-balance. There is a place in you that
cannot be disturbed, even though you may go through your day out of touch with this calmness,
it is always there. It is always available.

How do you find inner balance? You must realize your thinking brain and your feeling heart
are communicating with each other. And when the connection is calm through deep breathing
you create heart-brain coherence. Different emotional states affect our physical state. Anxiety
and worry thoughts causes the muscles in your body to tense, raises your blood pressure, heart
rate and respiration. Your thinking mind can either help you to learn or be in a state of
stress which interferes with cognition and learning. When you are nervous or sad, your spirit-
the energy of love within you cannot flow as it is meant.

Learn to love yourself, body, mind and spirit. Understand the communication between your heart
and your brain is like a two-way radio. And when you can broadcast the love that you are
the love for your self and send that message to your brain through deep, healing breaths, you
cultivate heart-brain coherence.

And because the electromagnetic field of the heart reaches three feet or more around your
body, what you are thinking and feeling is picked up and felt by those close to you. So
start choosing peaceful thoughts and you’ll feel peaceful. Make the intention to send out
emotions of love, gratitude and peace.

These techniques increase heart-brain coherence:
Deep Breathing
Guided Imagery Relaxation & Music


Currently, many of us have been inadvertently filling our minds and hearts with the subtle energy of fear in all its forms- anxiety, pain, insecurity, anger, violence and the result is that we experience inner restlessness, unhappiness and become critical of ourselves and others.

The remedy is simple yet requires discipline and practice. A discipline to reverse the insanity of racing around like a nut to slowing down and resting in the moment! The true moment is the moment you connect with your awareness. The entry point: is your awareness prompted by saying to yourself:

 “I am aware. I am peace. I send out peace.” The practice is your commitment to making the discipline a part of your everyday life. You do this so you can access dropping into the present moment when you need it most. Otherwise it remains illusive and inaccessible.

Slowing down seems so counter to the definition of success. Yet, “if in fact, the highest, most creative work is the work of consciousness, then in slowing down, Marianne Williamson, a thought leader, says, “we are not doing less, we are doing more…we are shifting from outer to inner.”

Rather than seeking approval or acceptance from our culture and peer pressure to determine who we are; we find our way though awareness. When we go within, in this way, we connect fully to our peaceful self. This is how we cultivate emotional maturity instead of blaming, worrying, judging and feeling frantic.

The key to establishing control is to spend a part of each day completely alone and enter the silence. Use the time to review your feelings and concerns; cultivate an attitude of non-attachment. You can accomplish this by the practice of paying attention to your thinking mind. This state of awareness is a way of being alert, yet you stay grounded. Holding this moment and this one, too. Slowing down everything from clock-time to your heart-beat time.

When you slow down to realize that the inner you is not your thinking mind. The inner you is the observer of your thoughts. You are actually learning how to watch your thoughts and feelings as they arise without getting caught in them.

Once you stop living in your thinking mind and start trusting the inner you, the peaceful you is a major turning point. The entry point is awareness. Close your eyes and say “I am aware.” Stay there. Use your determination, your intention to turn away from the day and bring your attention inward to your breathing. And breathe fully, slowing, naturally. When you do, you’ll notice that your peaceful self is always there even though you may go through much of your day out of touch with this inner peace. From your quiet mind, your intuition comes forward, your creativity comes forward.

Only through this entry point of awareness can you become ready. And when you are ready, you can take advantage of situations as they arise …Because you’ve trained yourself to concentrate, focus and be aware. Perseverance allows you to hold on while the universe delivers the opportunity for a miracle.


The Practice of Awareness Exercise:

Now, reread this article. Notice your reaction to this suggestion to reread this article slower than you did before, half the speed as before. Any thoughts come up, like “ I don’t have time”— “I have so much to do.” How can you be aware of your self when you are constantly future oriented- “I need to go here, I need to go there”… Slow yourself down enough that you still your mind. Slow down so that you have accessibility to the entry point of awareness. Discipline yourself to come into the present. Remember, the thinking mind always wants to keeps you busy, out there, far from your treasure within —inner peace.