Winds of Wishes

March in New England can be quite windy and even chilly as the earth thaws and buds
remember their way of rebirth for us all to see again and again each year as if it was
a unique, spectacular occurrence. And yet it is normal and natural. The wind is Mother
Nature breathing and stirring up the energies of the atmosphere.

So it is with our own breath. Show your child how you can slow down by being present
and breathe to tap into our inner energies. Use your own moment-by-moment
awareness to offer your spontaneous availability.

Try this simple, joyful practice. Place some flower petals in the palms of your hands;
then, take a deep breath, make a wish and blow the petals into the wind. See how far
they will go.

Through this method, you are teaching yourself, first and foremost, how to be BOTH
spontaneous and available. You do this by recognizing the fact that you can generate
emotions of pleasure and peacefulness by choice.

Teach your child to connect with you for the purpose of calming down together.
We know from neuroscience when you exhale, as in blowing out a candle, the area of
the brain called the medulla oblongata triggers the “Relaxation Response” a process
developed by Harvard cardiologist, Herbert Benson, MD. who wrote the New York
Times best selling book by the same name. A must read if you want to be convinced of
the beneficial effects for adults and children. The positive results will be fast and

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