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The pioneering work established by Dr. Roxanne includes many services such as individual assessment, counseling, group workshops and curriculum development. Dr. Daleo is helping and specializing in anxious children, parent coaching and pediatric stress management.

Clients range from children and parents to private medical and counseling practices, hospitals, pediatric offices, preschool and elementary schools, camps, and universities.

Services include:

  • Conduct one-to-one counseling and relaxation training of one hour sessions for approximately six to 10 weeks
  • Design on-site lectures and interactive workshops for groups of pediatric caregivers, teachers, and children from one hour to day-long programs
  • Provide parent coaching
  • Consult with professionals for in-service staff development
  • Conduct on-site assessment of children with emotional challenges
  • Coordinate support for the chronically ill or child with specialized needs
  • Create school, camp and healthcare curriculum/program development
  • Produce stress management and health educational books, audio/AV programs and Children’s Theater Stage Productions

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