Time To Wake Up!


Well it’s Springtime, the season of new beginnings, more light, more energy! You are light;
your cells generate energy from light. So imagine you are the sun and imagine you have all the
power of the Creator within you. Wake up to this thought: I am a powerful positive person.
The master teachers say: Consciousness beckons wisdom. Wisdom beckons new possibilities.
Call upon yourself, your true self to bring heaven to earth and to touch into the deepest desires
of your heart.

You have all the power of divine love and intelligence available to you. This is a time when you
can communicate with your higher self and discover the potentials which are the treasures
within yourself. And these gifts you have can be more easily accessed and radiate
out into the world in wonderful ways.

As this new season arrives, let the light remind you to leverage your own power. Allow
yourself to shine like the sun with a radiant love so bright, so energetic that it vibrates your
aliveness to everyone around you.

Say to yourself: I am glorious, splendid, beloved, strong, well, capable.
I am born to hum at the frequency of love and light.
I am awake.
And so it is.