The Geography of the Self

Your Assignment:

We all have talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses. If you could imagine yourself as a country you would have wealth and health based on your natural resources and your geography such as your location in the world. You would be found on a point on the Earth’s surface. How would people reach you by car, plane or boat? How do you see your country- is it rich or poor? 

If everyone was “in their element” would your country’s people be happy, healthy and gainfully employed? Your choice! How big can you dream?

Materials Needed:

colored pencils or pens
a paper for body outline or map of the self


  1. On a large piece of paper, draw a body outline. This will be your country.
  2. Map out using topography areas such as mountains. rivers, streams. What do these represent to you, a mountain or “high point” perhaps a noise? Rivers, perhaps veins or arteries?
  3. What about a desert, dry land or beaches? Do you have any?
  4. Do you have a “tourist attraction” or a buried treasure?
  5. What are your imports and exports?
  6. What are your natural resources?