Take a Space Trip!

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo


If you find your children overwhelmed by their outer world or lose their capacity for creative play then take a space trip!

Enter the imaginal space of your imagination to find your resources again and again where you make magic happen.

Play is your child’s natural medium for self-expression. Play is your child’s work— it is their language. And in this imaginal space of play, your children can evolve which helps them use imagination more effectively and efficiently to cope with stress.

Helping children help themselves create “space” (inner space, emotional space) where the imagination can go to work for them is a powerful life skill. This is easily achieved using Dr. Roxie’s guided imagery relaxation journeys. These guided journeys are high octane storytelling because metaphors in the teaching tale set to music is a sound healing event that transports the listener by changing the frequency they are tuning into and shifts the inner dialogue to a mood changing, higher vibration.

Dr. Roxie’s narrations are elegantly crafted to do the “play” of inner transformation. Her voice gently guides the child away from over stimulation of the senses from the outside world in order to acquaint them with the inner world of peace where they can attain greater concentration and inner wisdom.

Your children will learn how to see a world they want to live into.

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