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The Healing Power of Dreams
By Dr. Roxanne Daleo
Can you remember the magic of childhood walks through “the woods” or the “fairy gardens” of your own backyard? Do you still imagine looking up at the night sky and feeling a connection
with the grand and beautiful Universe?
We all have the capacity to grow our awareness because we are creative, energy beings. On a dark, rainy Saturday, when I was young, my mother would “show” my sisters and I how
easy it was to create something from nothing…the tiny, brown, cup wrappers from Russell Stover’s chocolates became doll house tables, chairs and lamps with a flip and a tear of the paper! Then, she’d leave us to our own devices to create, create, create. My father, a great storyteller, would start a tale at bedtime and often leave us to “finish it in our dreams”.
Well, it was not really nothing – but rather, it was the play from our inner creative selves – from our inner visions and dreams. We used our imagination, ingenuity and a belief in the invisible, creative energy surrounding us and within us at all times.
Many cultures around the world harness the energy of winter darkness and the night sky to tap into their dreams and visions.
The Senoi tribe of Malaysia teaches their young dreamwork. Dreamwork is the process of using images and visions that come from your dreams, your inner life, your imagination or your
unconscious mind. Then all you have to do is play with them… dance with them! You can!
For example, turn a scary dream about falling off a cliff into an empowering dream of flying, soaring up, up into the sky.
Our modern Western culture can learn much from ancient traditions of the world, such as the so-called “primitive” Malaysian or African tribes, Australian aborigines, North American Indians and many more. These cultures value the interconnectedness of all living things – the earth, sky, wind, water, fire and our connection as energetic, human beings.
These cultures have great depth and wisdom to teach us when it comes to physical illness and mental suffering. Finding this wisdom requires a re-examination of what is possible.
To open our minds and hearts as wide as the world, we must re-view our modern ways and our beliefs. When you do, you can own your own authority… know your capacities, trust your intuitions and insights.
Those of us evolving to the possibilities, realize our emerging, modern 21st century civilization can embrace our multi-dimensionality as we advance in medicine, science, education and social consciousness.
Children who have gone through great trials and tribulations at an early age are particularly gifted. They may even tell you they are “guided,” can talk to angels, connect with those who have passed on, know they will be well again, realize miracles are possible, etc.
I have known children who are walking medical miracles.
My own experiences with gravely ill children humbled me to their understanding of life beyond life… and that the whole of life is a school for spiritual growth.
I believe the first required ingredient is “a little willingness” to break the chains that bind us to our old ways of thinking and behaving.
For example, when I ask you to consider “we are not a body,” what happens for you? Can you break through your assumptions, bring your curiosity to bear and make a little room for a new idea, a new possibility?
Can you consider that we can pass through planes… communicate energetically rather than with words… that we can meet “helpers” who are benevolent spirits or “imaginary friends?”
Chronically ill children call them their “playmates;” their companions who accompany the sick child when they are in pain, afraid, alone or in isolation.
Children everywhere know of such companions. It’s the adult mentality that causes many children to abandon these “helpers” and lose the ability to access these guides.
The second ingredient required is focus. Gently turn your attention away from the day; away from the outer, material world. Bring your attention inward to your breathing.
When we do this, we are rewarded by a more expansive awareness and a corresponding insight into our dreams and visions. Then we can know our higher consciousness. We meet our
inner wisdom in the symbols and images of our dreams.
Let’s remember how to create magical dreams. There are six simple steps in the process:
Step 1.Before going to sleep at night, place a glass of water at your bedside table. Take a sip and say to yourself: “As I drink this water, I remember my dream.”
Step 2. Take three deep breaths. Turn your attention away from your outer world. bring your attention inward toward your breathing. Let your self sleep well. Dream a little dream.
Step 3.Activate your belief by feeling your connection with all of life.
Step 4.See your dream as a message. Does your dream make you feel good and happy? Keep it. This will strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Or does your dream scare you? Change it! Fear weakens us in body, mind and spirit.
Step 5.When you wake, repeat this saying. “As I drink this water, I remember my dream.”
Step 6.You may keep a dream journal so you can “see” your dream more closely – write or draw or paint it each day.