Heart-Brain Coherence
Love Yourself: Body, Mind and Spirit

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Now, more than ever, is the time to discover your inner-balance. There is a place in you that
cannot be disturbed, even though you may go through your day out of touch with this calmness,
it is always there. It is always available.

How do you find inner balance? You must realize your thinking brain and your feeling heart
are communicating with each other. And when the connection is calm through deep breathing
you create heart-brain coherence. Different emotional states affect our physical state. Anxiety
and worry thoughts causes the muscles in your body to tense, raises your blood pressure, heart
rate and respiration. Your thinking mind can either help you to learn or be in a state of
stress which interferes with cognition and learning. When you are nervous or sad, your spirit-
the energy of love within you cannot flow as it is meant.

Learn to love yourself, body, mind and spirit. Understand the communication between your heart
and your brain is like a two-way radio. And when you can broadcast the love that you are
the love for your self and send that message to your brain through deep, healing breaths, you
cultivate heart-brain coherence.

And because the electromagnetic field of the heart reaches three feet or more around your
body, what you are thinking and feeling is picked up and felt by those close to you. So
start choosing peaceful thoughts and you’ll feel peaceful. Make the intention to send out
emotions of love, gratitude and peace.

These techniques increase heart-brain coherence:
Deep Breathing
Guided Imagery Relaxation & Music