Earth Day Activity


All the flowers of tomorrow are planted in the seeds of today.”

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Today, we need to plant some “seeds of change.” Change for the better! We all have the potential to use our inner vision to see a world we want to live into! Holding an intention of what we want” is empowering.

Ask, “what do I consciously want to create?” The choices we make will determine the quality of life on our planet. Now is the time to decide. Let’s create a new world rather than be diminished by fear.

Mindful seed planting builds self-esteem, creativity and generosity.

Furthermore, selecting seeds for growing herbs that calm you is an additional

measure of body/mind wisdom. For example, camomile and lemon balm make soothing teas,

perfect to drink in the late afternoon or right before bed.

Our minds are like gardens. We can grow either thorny weeds by thinking negative, fearful thoughts or we can grow beautiful, tender flowers.

Here’s a simple, tangible way to encourage yourself and your child to develop health integrity that encompasses all aspects of their being- mind, body, and spirit.

Find an empty egg carton for planting seeds of change. Fill the each egg cup with potting soil. Ask your child to label each row of two cups with a word describing their ideal world such as peaceful, healthy, happy. Water the seeds and place in the sunlight. Watch what happens when the magic of intention is energized!