Come Rest in My Hammock While I Teach Mind/Body Strategies To Your Child

Many mothers have been working extra hard- homeschooling, planning activities and outings on top of their regular household routines of cooking, laundry, bedtime baths, stories and so much more. Mom’s are exhausted!

Let’s give mom a break this summer. Come rest and recharge yourself while I engage your child in the wonders of expressive arts and forest wisdom: lessons in grounding, self-calming, creativity and improvisation. A fun-filled, therapeutic program from which your child and you can benefit. 

Everyone needs a little rest everyday. Here at Dr. Roxie’s Retreat House and Forest Garden, you can stand still and pause from the rushing through life. Nestled among ninety foot ancient, pine trees in the area 45 minutes west of Boston and not far from Still River, the retreat space 

offers the atmosphere and charm of potent quiet places.

The best part is that you can come with your child to recharge yourself completely while Dr. Roxie teaches life skills using nature’s energies to reset even the most anxious, hyper child.

It’s better than camp, a unique setting and service expertly designed by Dr. Roxie for both you and your child.

Social distancing practiced. One-hour appointment per family. Chose a time slot.

Also available on-line.  Contact Dr. Roxie directly by cell 617-755-4490 or email: