Carving Your Values in Stone

Carving Your Values In Stone

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Every parent is a childs first teacher. Every teacher becomes a parent to the child as they learn lifes lessons. And what we learn as children stays with us for a lifetime.

Just as we would teach our children the art of penmanship first writing the alphabet, then words to write a letter we must teach our children the arts of thoughtmanship and behaviorship.

Thoughtmanshipis the art of how to think about thinking. And behaviorshipis the art of behaving intentionallyand ultimately understanding the ripple effect of everything we think and do.

A think messageis deliberate. A think messageis intentional.

Your intention goes before you even enter a room. Intention carries your energy. The energy of what you are thinking and feeling.

The most powerful method of teaching is modeling. When we live our values, we model habits of thinking and behaving.

In this FREE workshop inspired by The Keys To Activate Your Childs Inner Impulse To Choose Wisely” – youll have an opportunity to explore the delightful craft of ritual. Creating a simple daily practice through carving your values in stone– sharing meanings about thoughtmanshipand behaviorshipwith your child, so he/she may know and carry on these messages. Bring 8-10 smooth stones found by the seashore or a special woodland and a basket or bowl to hold them.

FREE workshop with Dr. Roxie at 32 Pinnacle Road, Harvard, MA 01451

Saturaday, June 30, 2018

2:00PM-4:00PM Make Your Reservation Today!


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