Become a Human Sparkler

When you realize you are energy – a living energetic being – youʼll be more likely to use your energy intentionally before you enter a room, speak a word, write a letter or begin to take action of any kind. If you donʼt believe me, run a little experiment and try this for a week. Become a “Human Sparkler!”

1. Imagine yourself as a bright source of energy. Let that energy come through you in every thought you hold, every work you speak and every deed you do.

2. Set out each morning for a week to uplift others with your upbeat, sparkling energy.

3. Tune into what brings you joy and let it flow, full out!

4. Make a point to smile at other people, especially strangers.

5. Make your friends laugh. But be real about it. Donʼt use sarcasm. Sarcasm weakens you, and your effect wonʼt be positive.

6. Attune yourself to the needs of others. Do something for someone deliberately. It can even be a simple gesture… a wave “hello,” holding the door open for the person behind you. deep listening, or helping set the table.

7. Watch othersʼ responses to your acts of kindness and uplifting energy.

8. At the end of each day – and at the end of the week – take time to notice how these actions make you feel.