All the flowers of tomorrow are planted in the seeds of today.

Today, we need to plant some “seeds of change.” Change for the better! Let’s expand the message from the teaching tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk” to help you and your child consider how Jack allowed magic to permeate his life with his use of ingenuity to prosper. We need to prosper, in the sense of doing well and flourishing, growing strong in our health- mind, body, and spirit.

In so many ways, intention is about creating magic. Intention is the energy of manifestation. We all have the potential to use our inner vision to see a world we want to live into! Creating magic by “holding an intention of what we want” is empowering. Ask, “what do I consciously want to create?” The choices we make will determine the quality of life on our planet. Now is the time to decide. Let’s create a new world rather than be diminished by fear.

Mindful seed planting builds self-esteem, creativity and generosity. Furthermore, selecting seeds for growing herbs that calm you is an additional measure of body/mind wisdom. For example, chamomile and lemon balm make soothing teas, perfect to drink in the late afternoon or right before bed.

Let’s show kids that our minds are like gardens. We can grow either thorny weeds by holding negative, fearful thoughts or we can grow beautiful, tender flowers by holding positive, kind and courageous thoughts. When we focus on ways to motivate our child to live fulfilling lives, we build their confidence, guided by an inner moral compass, an inner impulse to choose wisely.

But what does “choose wisely” really mean? It means you’ve taught your child about the interconnectedness of all life. That everything is energy and we all affect each other. No man is an island. In fact, we affect the earth and water. And the earth and water affect us, too.

We can be positive contributors to our world when we use the wisdom tools we’ve been practicing. Everything is energy. The use of your own energy through your thoughts and feelings (intentions)- will strengthen you. Being peaceful in your consciousness,transmits peace to your child.

We must model for our children the ways to hold our emotions contain our thoughts and generate good vibrations. This is the way of an educated heart.