5-G Is Bad News: We Are Being Radiated And it’s Making Our Kids Crazy!

In this era of fast-o, whiz-bang, I want in, immediate gratification; how do we help our
youth help themselves tune-in, slow down and know themselves?

We are energy beings . Our energy is charged by light. The sun has a solar code that
activates your body’s cells. This light therapy called photobiomodulation is essential for
good health. Your cells need light to regenerate.

When you use 5-G mobile devices, you drain your body of natural energy, deplete your
immune system, increase inflammation and pain. Not to mention the distractibility factor
which is causing our kids to go crazy! Crazy, unruly behaviors and emotions.

We must get back to humanizing childhood. Take back the afternoon to just be carefree.
lighthearted, content… Idyll in the woods, swing in a hammock, unplug. Unless we
increase our children’s tolerance for stillness, their lives will only become a ball of stress
without relief.

Kids ask me for help to manage their stress which comes in many symptoms:
migraines, stomach aches, muscle soreness, irritability, angry outbursts and more.

Yet, it is our human impatience to think that whatever we can do to heal ourselves must
happen instantly is a mistake. The body doesn’t work that way. We need to “adopt the
pace of nature: her secret is patience” says Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I know of way you can use your body’s own energy to activate healing and repair.
It’s a simple as putting on a bandaid. It’s non-invasive, non-drug, and a no brainer.
When your body is stimulated with low level light and wave lengths of light, muscles can
improve giving you more energy which leads to better performance and peace of mind.

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