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Out of the Blue: A Visual Relaxation Journey

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo

I help stressed, anxious children and their parents to calm down

with natural methods so they can improve their focus and just be happier overall.”


Many more kids complain of anxiety than ever before and parents are quickly taking them to doctors for medication when they would be better learning meditation. I know this because I see these children in my private practice as Health Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapist. Even when kids have been put on medication, they suffer from the side effects such as appetite and sleep disturbances but more importantly, the kids still have deep anxiety.

Children everywhere need nurturing as they grow into adults. Parents, teachers and pediatric health care professionals are most responsible for preparing children to live fulfilling lives. However, these caregivers often bring attitudes, beliefs and habits acquired during their own upbringing that may not awaken their own health energies nor those of the children they are raising.

Allow me to introduce myself. Since the 1980’s while research assistant in the Division of Behavioral Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, I have been immersed in the work of mind/body researchers such as Herbert Benson, MD, Harvard cardiologist NYTimes best selling author of The Relaxation Response and his colleagues, Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. NY Times best selling author of Mending the Mind, Minding the Body, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. the father of Mindfulness Meditation. These pioneers have provided evidence-based techniques in meditation that prove the mind/body connection. People with stress disorders came to the Mind/Body Program to learn how their emotions, attitudes and beliefs effect their heart rate, respiration, metabolic rate and immune system.

Furthermore, I learned that an image held in the mind’s eye can literally effect every cell in your body. Just think about the last time you watched a scary or suspenseful movie-you might remember your heart race; hands sweat; hair follicles go erect; eyes dilate and changes in your breathing. All this happening automatically because your brain makes no distinction between real or imagined information. Isn’t that amazing?

So I began designing audio recordings for relaxation to leave with hospitalized children in my charge to help them fall asleep, bolster confidence before surgery or medical procedures and to reduce their pain during recovery. These programs are used in hospitals nationwide. With this new knowledge I realized the hearing-impaired population needed a special method for learning relaxation skills and it must be visual not audio. I began selecting images from my mountain hikes and field explorations to devise a story in flash animation. You, the viewer are guided through a relaxation journey that weaves scientifically-proven mind/body techniques into the movie’s story line. For example, to learn the classic Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), you watch and breathe while imagining taking one step-at-a-time, one-breath at-a-time. On the screen the animated numbers come alive to “climb with you up and down ten steps on a stone stairway. This is called guided imagery relaxation technique. A powerful form of mind/body medicine now helping children and adults of any age with conditions from anxiety to chronic illness.

My objective is to introduce simple ways to begin to slow down, turn your attention inward and breathe. Out of the Blue: a visual relaxation journey draws from my experience as a student with the National Theater for the Deaf learning their language and culture. As a culmination of my work, Out of the Blue incorporates special features for tracking and visual learning.

Out of the Blue is an interactive platform built from the ground up to prompt the viewer through entertaining engagement, making it easy to learn and practice relaxation skills. I am passionate about creating educational strategies that bring forth the full potential of all children by cultivating their spiritual nature and interior life. I do this by awakening the power of inner energy using mind/body tools of self-regulation, guided imagery and creative arts.

Out of the Blue is unlike any other movie. It is an original creation which requires creativity to use. It asks each person to watch and breathe while learning how to clear the mind to discover one’s true self. The self that cannot be disturbed. Even though we may go through our day out of touch with our peaceful self, we can find our true self again by following a series of beautiful, guided, visual innovative exercises.

Out of the Blue has a double meaning. Simply put, in the process of watching this special movie, something wonderful will happen “out of the blue.” And also, by watching and breathing , you will be taken “out of the blue” – out of the doldrums and sadness.

Children, parents, teachers and health care practitioners can join us for this creative movie launch. Out of the Blue resonates with holistic principles and offers a new way of teaching and learning about body, mind and spirit.

  • Benefits of Out of the Blue:A Visual Relaxation Journey
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased relaxation and energy
  • enhanced creativity and focus
  • Restored balance of mind and body
  • Improved mental and physical performance
  • I find it most fulfilling to share with the Hearing Health Foundation this extraordinary on-line movie event. The movie is FREE to anyone who wishes to experience calm and creativity!

We invite those inspired by this work to give generously any amount.


Roxanne Daleo, Ph.D.

Renowned clinician, leader, and pioneer in Health Psychology, Dr. Roxie has an unwavering passion for helping children discover their inner resources and realize their own self-worth.

As a counselor in Pediatric Stress Management, specializing in anxious children, and parent coaching. Her training from Harvard University and the Jung Institute combine evidence-based mind/body techniques with expressive arts and anchors her work in one of the most powerful methods for awakening natural healing within.

Her ground-breaking work as Founder of MindWorks for Children provides parents, caregivers and children with alternative solutions to alleviate stress and anxieties. Her use of art, music, guided imagery, and meditation programs allow children to access their own internal source of strength, love and innate gifts.



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