MIRACLE CHILD – Raising Your Child With Miracle-Mindedness

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Hi Friends!

You are invited to join me for a brand new 4-week on-line course that is designed to bring the shift in your family life youve been desiring. You actually hold the key to miraculous transformation; I will lead you to the doorway that opens your mind and heart to help you and your child cope with conditions ranging from anxiety, sleep disorders, lack of confidence, to coping with cancer.

There is a new way of seeing the problem, your child and yourself.

And Ill show you how because I have been perfecting the best we know in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, stress management and the Course (ACIM) for over 20 years. And I will translate the Course principles into a childs language through my own deep understanding of child development, spirituality and the creative arts.

In short, I will take any abstract thought and bring it down to an elementary level a child can comprehend and you can embrace with grace and ease.

No one will bring it all together in precisely as powerfully and effectively as I will for you!

This is why I design my programs in 2 Parts:

Part 1: The adults concerns are addressed

If you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, I provide you a new perspective.

Part 2: The child experience is delivered

in all its tangible, concrete, kinesthetic full color thus providing you the necessary wisdom tools.


Week 1 – Week 4 will contain:

  1. An Audio Replay
  2. A Transcript
  3. Handouts
  4. Video Clip 

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All participants will join in four Live Calls with Dr. Roxanne where she will go into depth on the practical application of the strategies and tactics of creating rituals and routines that empower you and build healthy, happy kids; answer questions, and give on-the-spot coaching. Recordings of the calls will be provided if you are no able to join them live.

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Renowned clinician, leader, and pioneer in Health Psychology, Dr. Roxie has an unwavering passion for helping children discover their inner resources and realize their own self-worth.
As a counselor in Pediatric Stress Management, specializing in anxious children, and parent coaching. Her training from Harvard University and the Jung Institute combine evidence-based mind/body techniques with expressive arts and anchors her work in one of the most powerful methods for awakening natural healing within.
Her ground-breaking work as Founder of MindWorks for Children provides parents, caregivers and children with alternative solutions to alleviate stress and anxieties. Her use of art, music, guided imagery, and meditation programs allow children to access their own internal source of strength, love and innate gifts.