Out of the Blue plus Listening Guide and Interactive Stress Reduction Strategies




Out of the Blue: A Visual Relaxation Journey

Interactive Stress Reduction Strategies

By Dr. Roxanne Daleo


Many more kids complain of anxiety disorders than ever before and parents are quickly taking them to doctors for medication when they would be better off learning meditation. I know this because I end up seeing these children in my private practice after the medication has caused unwanted side effects, such as disorders of appetite, sleep and behavior. Furthermore, the kids still have deep anxiety.

Besides, generalized anxiety disorders, there is a growing population of children diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These are the children who are abused and then there is the new category of children of our veterans who are being diagnosed having second-hand PTSD due to their parents’ post traumatic stress. The side effects of which are family disharmony, inability to modulate anger, frequent disruptions in routines such as multiple deployments- expected and unexpected.

Since the 80’s, researchers in psychoneuroimmunology such as Herbert Benson, MD Harvard cardiologist and his colleagues Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph. D. provide evidence-based techniques in meditation that prove the mind/body connection .Unpredictability and uncontrollability are two predictors of stress. People with various stress disorders came to the MInd/Body clinic to learn how their emotions, attitudes and beliefs effects their body’s heart rate, respiration, metabolic rate and immune system.

Everywhere in the world, children need nurturing as they grow into adults. Parents, teachers and pediatric health care professionals are people most responsible for preparing children to live fulfilling lives. However, these care givers have attitudes, beliefs and habits that they acquired during their upbringing which may not awaken their own health energies or that of the children they are rearing. However, many of your members understand the importance of holistic health and would be likely to participate.

My objective is to introduce simple ways to begin to slow down, turn attention inward and breathe. This is why I developed Out of the Blue, a visual relaxation journey designed for children and adults alike. And created more specifically because inspired by my experience with when I learned sign language from the National Theatre for the Deaf during my undergraduate teaching certification in special education for the deaf, I have always been eager to share with the hearing-impaired and handicapped kids the health educational products I develop. So this movie I created with their needs in mind, thus incorporating special features for tacking and learning.

Out of the Blue movie is an interactive platform built from the ground up to prompt the viewer through entertaining engagement making it easier to learn and practice relaxation skills.
I am passionate about creative, educational techniques and strategies, bringing forth the full potential of every child by cultivating their spiritual nature and interior life. I do this by awakening in children the power of inner energy using mind/body healing techniques, self-regulation, guided imagery and the creative arts.


Out of the Blue is not like anything youve seen because its a first, original creation which requires creativity to experience; it could be that we set a new kind of movie viewing, one that requires each person to watch and breathe while learning how to clear the mind to find our true self, again. The self that cannot be disturbed, even though we may go through our day out of touch with our peaceful self, we can find our true self again by following a series of beautiful guided visual, innovative mind/body exercises.


Out of the Blue has a double meaning: simply put, in the process of watching this special movie, something wonderful will happen “out of the blue”! And it also means, by watching and breathing, you will be taken “out of the blue”— out of the dull drums, out of your sadness.

The children, parents, teachers and health care practitioners can join us for this creative movie launch which resonates with holistic principles and offers a new way of teaching and learning- body, mind and spirit.



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