Listening Instructions


How to get optimal benefits from the use of MindWorks for Children and Audiotapes and CDs.listening-ins

Step 1. Choose A Quiet Space. Have the child find a location that will be their special place to relax, any time they want to have cozy, calm feelings (similar to a designated reading corner in school, or using a blanket or stuffed animal corner in a bedroom.) Creating a pleasant environment that is free from distractions, especially telephones, television or radio which helps to bring about relaxation. The child quickly comes to associate good feelings with this time and place.

Step 2. Gently Stretch And Then Settle Into a Comfortable Position. Start with slow movements to work out pent-up energy, progressing to stretching to give circulation to the body. Then ask the child to get into a comfortable position sitting or lying down. You may want to set aside familiar mats, pillows or objects.

Step 3. Just Listen. The key to success is having a mental focus. The child will be guided through a series of exercises of imagination in relaxation, breathing and body awareness.

Step 4. Establish Regular Practice. Consistency is the key to affecting change. Choose one theme at a time, and play it daily for several weeks, for example, just before naptime or in bed each night. Avoid practicing immediately after eating because the relaxation exercises lower the metabolic rate needed for digestion.

Step 5. Use Your Imagination. Explore other ways for children to enjoy the benefits of the tapes. After using the relaxation and imaging techniques, creative expression is at its peak. This is a good time to ask the child to make up a story or poem, or to dance or paint, for example.

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